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God Speaks on Abortion

This Sunday at 10:30am

January 20 is Sanctity of Human Life Sunday. Is abortion an issue best left to physicians, professors, and politicians? Or has God spoken clearly and definitively on the issue? And what does God say for those who have received an abortion or performed them? Join us to find out the answer to these questions and more.

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Romans: Mercy to All

Series resumes Sunday, January 27 at 10:30am

Called “Paul’s magnum opus” and “the most profound book in existence,” Romans contains an incredible wealth of biblical theology that serves as the foundation of Christian action. So why did Paul write it to a church he did not start nor even visit? Join us as we discover “Romans: Mercy to All.”

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Children's Music & Movement

Sundays at 5pm

For kids grade 1 thru 5; join us for fun and games, singing and worship.



Sundays at 5pm

Do you have questions about the Sunday morning sermon? Join Pastor David for a time of discussion and prayer as he takes us deeper into God’s Word.

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Discovering Broadview

Sunday, May 5 from 5-7pm

New to Broadview? Have questions about our church? Want to know how to become a member? Join Pastor David for this free one-day class about Broadview. Sign up HERE.


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